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Since Dallas County is one of the most populous counties in Texas, law enforcement deals with criminal activity on a daily basis. Interstate 35 is a significant route for the country’s illegal drug trade. This makes Dallas County a major hub for marijuana.

Texas may have taken small steps in reducing the penalties for marijuana crimes, but that doesn’t mean you are free from prosecution. If convicted of a marijuana crime, you could spend years behind bars and be required to pay hefty fines.

Dallas County Marijuana Defense Attorney

Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC understands this may be your first run-in with the Texas criminal justice system. Taking on the system on your own can be intimidating and should never be done without the guidance of legal counsel. David Sloane has over 20 years of experience defending marijuana crimes in Texas. He believes everyone is entitled to their rights, which is why he is willing to fight for yours.

Contact Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC if you have been arrested or charged with a marijuana crime in Dallas County. The sooner you do, the sooner David Sloane can begin working on your defense. Call (817) 810-0088 to schedule a confidential consultation. Along with Dallas County, Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC defends those accused of marijuana crimes in Tarrant County, Montague County, Wise County and many others.

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Marijuana Defense

David Sloane has defended hundreds of clients of marijuana crimes across North-Central Texas.  Some of the marijuana crimes he defends include:

  • Marijuana possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Marijuana DWI
  • Delivery of marijuana
  • Marijuana cultivation
  • Marijuana trafficking
  • THC concentrates and extracts
  • Federal marijuana crimes
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Illegal searches
  • Arrests of out of state visitors
  • Unreasonable detention
  • Asset forfeiture

Conviction for a marijuana crime can have a damaging effect on your life. You could lose your professional license, student loans, scholarships, and your job. You will need an attorney well-versed in defending marijuana crimes to reduce the chances of this happening to you.

This is especially true if you’re facing federal marijuana charges. Despite the progress that’s been made toward sensible marijuana legislation at the state level, it’s still illegal federally. This means that anyone could be legally arrested by a federal agent for possessing the smallest personal amount of weed. But most federal busts are for massive grow operations or marijuana trafficking. Federal charges tend to carry more severe penalties than state-level charges.

David Sloane is deeply committed to his clients. He will be with you through every step of the process and always have your best interest in mind. Whether you’re facing state or federal marijuana charges, David can help. Schedule a time to speak with Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC about your case. (817) 810-0088.

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Dallas County Communities We Serve

Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC defends those accused of marijuana crimes in all areas of Dallas County. These areas include but are not limited to:

  • Dallas
  • Irving
  • Grand Prairie
  • Garland
  • Richardson
  • Carrollton
  • Mesquite
  • Lancaster
  • DeSoto
  • Cedar Hill
  • Duncanville
  • Hutchins
  • Wilmer
  • Blanch Springs
  • Sunnyvale

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Dallas County Cite and Release Policy

In the year 2016, the FBI released startling data from their Uniform Crime Reporting Program. It was found in Dallas County that nearly 64,000 people were arrested for marijuana possession. After reviewing the information, legislators made a decision that would ultimately free up the county jail of people charged with marijuana possession. Their reasoning was that marijuana possession was a relatively nonviolent crime that had little impact on society and if they focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment the rate of arrest should decline.

To reduce arrests for marijuana possession, Dallas County adopted a cite and release program that would instead give citations to residents found in possession of four ounces or less of marijuana. That means if you’re found with less than four ounces of marijuana in Dallas County you won’t have your car impounded or spend a night in jail. The officer will instead confiscate your drugs and then provide you with a citation that basically is a court summons.

As long as you appear at your court dates, you won’t be arrested. You and your attorney can then present your case in front of the court. The prosecution may even offer you a diversion program if you’re eligible and if that happens you won’t spend a day in jail unless you fail to complete the program’s terms. Completion of the program will result in your charges being dismissed.

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Dallas County Court Resources

County and District Courts – Your marijuana case will be tried in one of the county’s 11 criminal courts. Follow this link to gain access to court locations and contact information. You can also gain access to local rules and guidelines.

County Court at Law Nos. 1-5
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building
600 Commerce Street
5th Floor West Tower
Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: 214-653-7366

Dallas County District Court – Visit the official website of the District Clerk’s Office. You can find information regarding the felony criminal court, answers to frequently asked questions and search online records.

Dallas County District Attorney – Access the official website of the district attorney’s office to learn about the criminal justice process and find answers to frequently asked questions. These questions include the purpose of bond, what happens to an accused person, and when a case will go to trial.

District Attorney
John Creuzot
Frank Crowley Courts Building
133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, LB 19
Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: 214-653-3600
Fax: 214-653-5774

Dallas County Clerk of Courts – Visit the official website for the official Dallas County Clerk of the Courts John E. Warren. Access the site to learn more about more about the county clerk, download online forms you may need, pay a fine for a misdemeanor conviction, gain public access to court records, and utilize their other search resources.

Fifth Court of Appeals | Dallas – Visit the official website for the Court of Appeals for the Fifth District of Texas and learn more about their appellate process for criminal cases. Access the site to search up a case, locate a document, read released orders and opinions, download a specific form you may need, and other important information.

Texas Supreme Court – Cases that have nowhere else to go because of multiple appeals are sent to the Texas Supreme Court. The court is managed by a chief justice and eight justices as well as a clerk. The court is located at 201 West 14th Street #104 in Austin, Texas.

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Dallas County Law Enforcement Resources

Dallas County Sheriff’s Department – The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for protecting residents. Access their official site to find information on the county jail, bonds and detention centers.

Marian Brown
Frank Crowley Courts Building
133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, LB 31
Dallas, TX 75207-4313

Dallas County Constable – The Dallas County Constable’s website provides contact information for all eight constables in the county. You can also find out which precinct you are in and gain access to additional county information.

Dallas Police Department – Visit the official website for the Dallas Police Department and learn more about their options for offenders. Access the site to file a police report online, learn more about their investigations unit, their different divisions, and arrest data from law enforcement.

Texas Highway Patrol –  Visit the official website for the Department of Safety to learn more about their Texas Highway Patrol. Learn how they assist drivers who are stranded on the road, conduct traffic stops, contact information for the patrol, and locate your nearest Highway Patrol Office.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Visit the official website for the Department of Justice, which regulates all detention facilities in the state of Texas including prisons and state jails. Learn how the TDCJ created the Board of Criminal Justice to assist law enforcement officers and how they provide programs for offenders struggling with alcoholism or drug abuse.

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Additional Resources

DFW NORML – The Dallas Branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is focused on fighting marijuana prohibition in Texas. David Sloane serves as Public Information Officer for DFW NORML. Visit this website to read about the laws regarding marijuana in Texas. Here you can also find information about proposed marijuana legislation in Texas.

Dallas County Court | COVID-19 Restrictions – The COVID-19 pandemic has touched our lives in a multitude of ways including how Dallas County handles criminal court cases. Access the site to learn the operating plan for the Dallas County Criminal Courts, what phase the Dallas County court is currently in, their social distancing requirements, and what face covering people must have to enter the building.

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Lawyer for Marijuana Charges in Dallas County, Texas

Whether you were arrested for marijuana possession, delivery, or cultivation, you will need a highly experienced and tough defense attorney on your side. David Sloane is a highly respected and sought-after marijuana attorney. He will use his background in criminal investigation to formulate a defense plan in your best interest.

Call (817) 810-0088 to schedule a confidential consultation. Along with Dallas County, David Sloane defends those accused of marijuana crimes in North-Central Texas counties such as Potter County, Hall County, Clay County and Wichita County.

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