Gray County

Gray County is located in the Texas Panhandle. The county seat is Pampa. The county was created in 1876 and named after Peter W. Gray, a Confederate lawyer and soldier. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 22,535 residents lived in the county in 2010.

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado has increased the number of travelers passing through Gray County. Local police have stepped up their enforcement activities in an effort to catch some of the illegal contraband marijuana tourists are bringing back home to Texas.

If you need a marijuana defense attorney, it is recommended that you contact the Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC.

Gray County Marijuana Defense Attorneys in Texas

Busted for weed possession in Gray County? Caught with edibles on the way back from Colorado? If so, it may be a good idea to contact the attorneys at the Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC.

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Representing yourself in court is always a bad idea. To obtain the most favorable outcome, you need the assistance of the seasoned marijuana defense attorneys at the Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC. We represent clients from the Gulf Coast to the Panhandle, including Clay and the surrounding counties, Carson, Roberts, Wheeler, Hutchinson, Collingsworth, and Armstrong.

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Overview of Gray County in Texas

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Major State Roads and Interstates in Gray County

A handful of major roads lead travelers through Gray County on their way to Colorado. Bringing back drugs from another state, even a state where the drug is legal, may seem like a low risk crime but highway patrol is always looking to make highway interdiction stops of people traveling across state lines with marijuana. If you are coming into Texas with cannabis and are caught you could be facing federal drug charges. Federal drug charges can have very severe penalties. Even a small amount or marijuana found in your possession could have you facing up to 5 years in federal prison. If you’re driving between the two states, you may run into highway patrol on one of the following roads:

  • Interstate 40 (I-40)
  • S. Highway 60 (US 60)
  • State Highway 70 (SH 70)
  • State Highway 152 (SH 152)
  • State Highway 273 (SH 273)

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Law Enforcement Resources

Texas Highway Patrol | DPS – The Texas Highway Patrol (THP) is a division of the Texas Department of Public Safety. THP’s missions are to maintain and educate Texas citizens about public safety. Visit this website to read travel tips and learn more about the Highway Patrol Service.

Gray County Sheriff – Michael Ryan is the current sheriff of Gray County. The Gray County Sheriff’s Office is located at 218 North Russell in Pampa, Texas. Visit this website to learn how to contact Sheriff Ryan.

Sheriff Michael Ryan
218 N. Russell
Pampa, TX 79065
Phone: 806-669-8022

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Court Resources

223rd District Court Judge – The 223rd along with the 31st District Court are the courts of original jurisdiction for Gray and the surrounding counties. The 22rd District hears felony criminal cases in the district and is presided over by Judge Phil Vanderpool.

Judge Phil Vanderpool
P.O. Box 2160
Pampa, Texas 79066-2160
Phone: 806-669-8014

Gray County District Attorney – Franklin McDonough is the current District Attorney for Texas’s 31st and 223rd Judicial District, which includes Gray County. Visit this website to view contact information for the District Attorney.

Franklin McDonough
P.O. Box 1592
Pampa, Texas 79066-1592
Phone: 806-669-8035

Gray County Judge – The county judge is responsible not just for hearing cases but also serves on the commissioner’s court. County judges hear most misdemeanor cases that do not include jail time as well as appeals from the Justice of the Peace. The current judge of Gray is Judge Chris Porter.

Judge Chris Porter
205 N. Russell
Pampa, TX 79065
Phone: 806-669-8007

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Our Practice Areas

The Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC has extensive experience representing clients against marijuana charges in Gray and surrounding counties. We will be your advocate and fight to provide you with the best possible defense. Don’t take on the Texas court system alone. Contact us today to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney about your case.

  • Marijuana DWI
  • Marijuana crimes
  • Positive THC drug test probation violation
  • Asset forfeiture
  • Cite and release
  • Delivery of marijuana
  • Marijuana trafficking
  • Arrests of visitors from out of state
  • Highway interdiction
  • Illegal searches
  • Marijuana felony offenses

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Additional Resources

Texas Statutes – The Texas Statutes (also called Texas Codes) are a comprehensive collection of state laws and the penalties for violating them. The Statutes are regularly updated to reflect any laws that have been created, amended, or repealed by the Texas Legislature. Visit this website to research the law governing your charges.

DFW NORML – NORML is a national non-profit dedicated to the legalization of cannabis. The Dallas Fort Worth chapter represents North Texas and extensively lobbies city and state lawmakers to end the prohibition on marijuana. Find out more at the link above.

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Marijuana Defense Lawyer in Gray County, Texas

If you’re facing misdemeanor or felony marijuana charges in Gray County, you need to understand the penalties if you don’t present a strong defense. You could lose your license, go to prison, and be fined thousands of dollars. On top of that, your criminal record will follow you for the rest of your life.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC are here to walk you through the process. We will fight to obtain the most favorable result possible. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence against you, we may be able to dismiss the charges altogether. When the police pick a fight with you, we’ll help you stand your ground.

The Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC represents Texas clients in the Panhandle and the communities of Clay County, including Pampa, Lefors, McLean and Alanreed.

Call (817) 810-0088 or submit an online contact form to schedule your free consultation today.

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This page was last updated on Thursday, February 7, 2019.