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David Sloane is a former Police Lieutenant with over 20 years of experience as an attorney. With a strong background in criminal investigations and crime scene analysis, he has the knowledge to fight your charges. Let Attorney Sloane help you!

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  • Knows The Law Inside And Out 5 star review
    5 star review
    "David Sloane is the most professional, friendly, informed lawyer I have ever had the privilege of hiring as my legal council! He knows the law inside and out, and will bend over backwards to help his clients. I cannot recommend him enough! He has worked miracles for me, and made it seem effortless! I will always come to David with my legal concerns, recommending him STRONGLY to all my friends and family!"
    - Bryan
  • Trust This Man With Your Life 5 star review
    5 star review
    "David is as professional as it gets; Dr.Gonzo meets Saul Goodman with a more aggressive personality. He puts up with zero bullshit from either end and he CARES about his clients, he treated me like family and nothing less. He does his research, knows his stuff, and follows through on his word. You can trust this man with your life. He is the epitome of professionalism."
    - Erich
  • Able To Get The Charges Dismissed 5 star review
    5 star review
    "I hired David Sloane to defend me against marijuana charge. He gave me the option of charging a flat fee. It was explained to me my cost would be fixed regardless of whether it took him one appearance in court or ten. I agreed to this as a means of limiting my legal cost. He was able to get the charges against me dismissed. I consider this money well spent. He did a great job for the price quoted."
    - Slade
  • An Outstanding Work Ethic 5 star review
    5 star review
    "David was able to save me a lot of hassle and money plus a case that if I handled myself would have been a nightmare brought to life turned into a cakewalk! He's always been very efficient at what he does and I feel safest working with him. His work ethic is outstanding and somewhat rare. David has supported me on 3 different cases."
    - Daniel
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      The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has worked to build coalitions of legal organizations in order to provide a forum for important legal issues.
      The Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of NORML is a grassroots, educational non-profit organization dedicated to fighting cannabis prohibition in the Lone Star State.
    • NORML
      NORML supports the removal of all criminal penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults, including the cultivation for personal use, and the casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts.
    • Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
      DCDLA a unified front committed to protecting and ensuring, by rule of law, individual rights guaranteed by the Texas and Federal Constitutions in criminal cases.
    • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • NORML
    • Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

    Texas Marijuana Attorney

    The tide is turning on marijuana prohibition. Nearly half of all states have legalized the drug in some form or another. Research has shown that marijuana is not only harmless but can also provide health benefits, leading more than 60% of Americans to support legalization of cannabis. Yet here in Texas, not much has changed. You could still be placed behind bars for years for possessing even a small amount of marijuana. If you have been arrested for a marijuana related charge, we here at the Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC are with you and we have been fighting for people like you for over two decades.

    Attorney David Sloane is known for his work in marijuana cases and he is uniquely prepared to defend your interests if you have been accused of a cannabis crime in Texas. With more than 20 years of legal experience and a background that includes serving as a police lieutenant, Attorney Sloane is prepared to provide the intuitive and intelligent defense you need to protect your reputation from the serious repercussions of a drug crime conviction.

    Marijuana and Cannabis Lawyers in Fort Worth

    Located in downtown Fort Worth within walking distance from the Tarrant County courthouse, the Law Offices of David Sloane has become the go to firm for award winning success in defending drug and marijuana (THC) possession, highway interdiction, manufacturing, and delivery cases throughout the state of Texas for the past 20 years. Sloane and his dedicated, hardworking team travel from the Panhandle Plains to the Pineywoods, Big Bend to the Gulf Coast to fight highway interdiction throughout the state. David understands the cannabis community and is well known as the go to lawyer for marijuana related cases from minor possession, to federal drug trafficking charges. With his extraordinary background as being a tough opponent in court, even law enforcement will refer individuals to David for assistance with their legal matters.

    Call the Law Offices of David Sloane as soon as possible to schedule your complimentary, confidential case evaluation with an experienced and caring Texas marijuana defense lawyer who is versed in these types of cases .

    We empathize with our clients and we understand that just because someone wants to express their liberty by partaking in a plant, that doesn’t make them a bad person. Whether you were arrested and need legal representation or you would like to talk to an attorney about the process of sealing your records, get in touch with the Law Offices of David Sloane today for the tough advocacy you need. Attorney David Sloane runs a client-centered practice and he’s here to help you out of trouble.

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