Hartley County

Hartley County is located in the northwest Panhandle region of Texas. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the county has a population of 6,062 residents. The county was named after brothers Oliver C. Hartley and Rufus K. Hartley. Oliver served as court reporter for the Texas Supreme Court from 1846-1859. The City of Channing serves as the county seat.

Unlike in Texas, recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado. Many marijuana tourists cross Hartley County on the route between Texas and Colorado. You are free to enjoy as much marijuana as you want within the boundaries of Colorado, but the trouble begins when you try to bring some back. Even a personal stash of THC-infused edibles can be enough to land you in prison with a criminal record.

Don’t gamble with your future. If you’re facing marijuana charges, the attorneys at the Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC are here to evaluate your case for free.

Hartley County Marijuana Defense Attorneys in Texas

Busted by Hartley County cops with weed you snuck out of Colorado? Charged with a DWI for driving while high? The Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC can take the weight of these issues off your shoulders.

Attorney David Sloane, a former police lieutenant, has developed a deep understanding of the Texas court system over two decades of practice. David will use his experience conducting crime scene investigations and analyzing evidence to scrutinize your case. It is often possible to reduce or dismiss marijuana charges based on evidence that was improperly gathered.

Getting arrested in an unfamiliar county is stressful and scary. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor charges or felony marijuana charges, the Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC is ready to fight to achieve a favorable result for you. Call (817) 810-0088 or complete our online form to schedule a free initial consultation. We represent North Texas clients in Hartley and surrounding counties including Dallam, Sherman, Moore, Oldham, and Potter County.

Overview of Hartley County in Texas

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What Are the Marijuana Laws in Texas?

Around 98% of all marijuana-related arrests are for possession of marijuana. First-time offenders may qualify for a diversion program that will keep them out of court and free of a criminal record. Penalties otherwise range from a 180-day jail stay and $2,000 fine for possession of two or fewer ounces to 99 years in prison and a $50,000 fine for possession of more than one ton of marijuana.

Penalties for selling marijuana are much harsher. If you’re caught selling less than one-quarter of an ounce, you could be sentenced to a $2,000 fine and up to 180 days in jail. Selling more than 2,000 pounds carries a minimum sentence of 10 years up to 99 years in prison. You could also be fined up to $100,000.

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges can be filed against anyone suspected of operating a vehicle while impaired by any substance, legal or illegal. A common misconception is that you can only be charged with DWI if you’ve been drinking. If some substance is impairing your normal mental or physical faculties, you can be arrested for DWI. Without proper representation, you risk thousands of dollars in fines, suspension of your license, and even jail time.

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Major State Roads and Interstates in Hartley County

Due to Hartley’s proximity to the borders of several states, the county roads see a lot of passers-through. You’re far more likely to encounter cops on the main thoroughfares. Highway patrol has an interest in arresting those bringing drugs into the state and will use highway interdiction stops to catch people. If you cross over into Texas with marijuana from another state you have now entered into federal crime territory. You can be facing up to 5 years in prison for a federal marijuana charge, even if you only have a small amount in your possession. Some of the major roads and highways in Hartley County where highway interdiction stops occur include:

  • S. Highway 54 (US 54)
  • S. Highway 87 (US 87)
  • S. Highway 385 (US 385)
  • State Highway 354 (SH 354)

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Law Enforcement Resources

Texas Highway Patrol | DPS – The Texas Highway Patrol (THP) is a division of the Texas Department of Public Safety. THP’s missions are to maintain and educate Texas citizens about public safety. Visit this website to read travel tips and learn more about the Highway Patrol Service.

Hartley County Sheriff – Franky Scott has served as Hartley County’s sheriff since 2000. The sheriff’s office is housed at the Hartley County Courthouse. Both are located at 900 Main Street in Channing, Texas.

Channing, TX 79018
Phone: (806) 235-3142
Fax: (806) 235-2003

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Court Resources

Hartley County Judge – In Texas, County Judges in small counties take on a lot of responsibilities. Judge Ronnie Gordon is the current county judge for Hartley and besides having jurisdiction of misdemeanor and small civil cases throughout Hartley, he is also responsible as the presiding officer of the commissioners court and as the county budget officer.

Hartley County Judge
Ronnie Gordon
PO Box 69
Channing, TX 79018
Phone: (806) 235-3442
Fax: (806) 635-5133

Hartley County Attorney – Robert Elliott is the County Attorney for Hartley. Elliott represents the state in misdemeanor criminal prosecutions in the county and helps law enforcement in investigations.

Hartley County Attorney
Robert Elliott
PO Box 130
Channing, TX 79018
Phone: (806) 235-2603
Fax: (806) 635-5133
Dalhart (806) 244-0055

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Our Practice Areas

The outdated attitudes of Texans are still codified into very real laws that can ruin your life if you’re charged and convicted. The Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC will fight to preserve your innocence. We’ll carefully examine the evidence to look for anything we can move to suppress. If the cops broke protocol, it may be possible to have the case thrown out. Below are some of the practice areas we focus on:

  • Marijuana crimes
  • Marijuana felony offenses
  • Positive THC drug test probation violation
  • Asset forfeiture
  • Marijuana DWI
  • Illegal searches
  • Arrests of visitors from out of state
  • Cite and release
  • Highway interdiction
  • Delivery of marijuana
  • Marijuana trafficking

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Additional Resources

Texas Statutes – The Texas Statutes (also called Texas Codes) are a comprehensive collection of state laws and the penalties for violating them. The Statutes are regularly updated to reflect any laws that have been created, amended, or repealed by the Texas Legislature. Visit this website to research the law governing your charges.

DFW NORML – One of the leading marijuana legalization non-profits in the country is NORML. The Dallas Fort Worth chapter of NORML advocates for cannabis legalization in local legislatures in North Texas and the State Legislature in Austin. To find out more, follow the link above.

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Lawyer for Marijuana Crimes in Hartley County, Texas

Even a misdemeanor marijuana conviction can have a burdensome ripple effect through your life. It’ll be more difficult to take out a loan, get a job, or find a place to live with a criminal conviction on your record. The attorneys at the Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC will work diligently to prevent that from happening.

Attorney David Sloane has more than 20 years of criminal defense experience. He knows Texas marijuana law inside and out. When you’re fighting drug charges, you need a local and former cop who understands the Texas courts and can speak the language of law enforcement officials. David is passionate about the administration of justice. He will fight to represent your best interests.

The Law Offices of David Sloane, PLLC accepts clients from North Texas to the Panhandle Plains area and all points in between. We represent people arrested throughout Hartley County including Channing, Dalhart, and Hartley.

Contact us at (817) 810-0088 or complete our online form today to schedule a free consultation.

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